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It's all about the Limestone!

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It’s all about the Limestone! The great Sauvignon Blanc vineyards of the Loire Valley lie on white rock, so we decided to plant an experimental 2 acre block on our Limestone outcropping.  After selling the crop for a few vintages, Stolpman bottled its first Sauvignon Blanc from the 2008 vintage.  We fell in love with the wine and have since planted 8 more acres.


We take great pride in treating our Sauvignon Blanc like every other varietal in the vineyard.  We withhold irrigation to ensure concentration of flavor and interesting textures. 



Heat spikes define vintages in Santa Barbara County.  We are blessed to farm without fear of rain, rot, hail, and humidity.  In 2018 the only heat wave we suffered through arrived so early, on July 7; that it didn’t impact the fruit ripening or quality.  The summer turned into a moderate, steady, dream year when acids hung high as sugar slowly accumulated and intense, nuanced flavor developed.


With sugars slowly climbing and grapes getting more and more delicious, we took full advantage of the cool 2018 harvest conditions.  We began picking for high acid, energetic components at 20 brix on September 14th and continued harvesting small amounts for a full two weeks.  We left about 10% of the crop hanging an additional month until we finally picked for richness and depth on October 22 at 23.5 brix.



The combination of long hang-time; wide breadth in ripeness; and slow, cold fermentations; all create a uniquely delicious Sauv Blanc.  Typical Stolpman Sauv Blanc notes of citrus and hay give way to lusher passion fruit, pear, and green apple.  The low-yields drive round, mouth-filling tactile layers that marry with the fresh pop of acid on the finish.  Our most compelling Sauvignon Blanc yet!